Fleas In carpet

It can be quite a shock to discover there are fleas living in your house. But especially when you have pets, it is likely that it will happen to your home at some point. It will cost some effort to get rid of the fleas in carpet and other textiles in your interior, but it is worth it. Keeping it very clean will keep the fleas away.

Fleas in carpetWhen you have a flea infestation, you will find most fleas and their eggs in carpet and other textiles. Way more than in the fur of your cat and dog, where the fleas normally feed themselves! The carpet too is warm and cosy, a good place for the eggs, larves, cocoons and fleas. Larves can feed themselves with organic material in carpet or bed linen. Once a cocoon, it can be in rest in the carpet for up to two years. They will ‘awake’ when surroundings vibrate, for example when people walk on the carpet. That’s why in older houses that have had no owners for some time, there is often a flea infestation.

Fully grown fleas feed on blood of animals and sometimes human beings. Because they mainly live in the carpet, they will jump up to bite when an animal or a person walks by. They used to transfer a lot of diseases. That is still possible, but it happens not as often as in the past. The biggest problem is the itch that comes from the bite.

How to clean them away?
Fleas in carpetFleas in the house and fleas in carpet are very inconvenient for everyone. To keep your pets and your house flea free, it is very important that you know how to get them out of your home.

When you treat your pets with flea shampoo, it is necessary to clean the house at the same time. Otherwise, your clean dog or cat will enter the house again and fleas will jump on them immediately from the carpet. You can recognize fleas by their brown or reddish color and they are about 2-3 mm long.

How to clean the house:

  • Fleas in carpetVacuum the carpet and all the furniture in the house where your pets sit and sleep. You can just use a home vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to vacuum underneath all the furniture. To make it easier, sprinkle salt over the carpet 24 hours before you start vacuuming. This will kill the eggs. After vacuuming, discard the vacuum bag.
  • Wash all the textiles that can be washed in the washing machine. Soap is a good killer too. If you have a rug that is too big or not made to be washed in the washing machine, clean it thoroughly with a brush or the vacuum cleaner and maybe some flea killer. Do this outside, in case fleas or eggs will fall off.
  • When the infestation is small, locals spots can be treated with insect killer or special flea killers sprays.
  • Opt for a carpet steam cleaner when vacuum is not working.
  • When the infestation is large and fleas could have spread through the whole house, you should consider hiring a professional to advice you and solve the problem for you.
  • When you can’t clean your carpet yourself, also carpet cleaner expert can treat it for you. The’ve seen lot’s of fleas before.


More tips:

  • Be careful with the commercial flea killers. Read the labels and abide the warnings. The spray or powder can be very toxic to humans and animals.
  • Prevention is better than cure. When you have pets, vacuum the house every other day. Don’t give fleas in carpet a chance to survive.
  • Wash the sleeping spot of your dog or cat weekly on high temperature.
  • Place the dog and cat ‘beds’ far away from carpets, to avoid easy spreading of the eggs.